The Whole other dimension Of los came to be around 2016 When Roblox had released The new xbox update where Games on pc can be playable on xbox, although LOS was not cross platform. Heres my story, I searched up "Naruto" in the search bar of roblox i played Los for a bit as a noob only 1 or 2 people in a game at once. When i was getting on one day i got a party invite from A Player Called "Riley" invited me to a party i joined and he said "join my clan where trying to kill this guy named Editorial (I had just bought the game pass all of them). So i said yes not suspecting much and he said this guy Editorial uses cheap tactics to kill people he runs and molds. My Clan mates Sullisk the co-leader Grim Kaleb and of course Riley the leader. I was a spy for rileys team pretending to be in editorials clan and i gathered intel to our knowlege Editorials clan had no one in it but me and him (thats what we thought atleast). So I recruited Grim we also had the game pass And he wanted to be a spy with me because riley was dumb enough to tell him our entire operation. So The day of the war Riley told us that there was gonna be a ryo bet on who wins 10k. Our plan was for it to be a 1v5 against editorial So About a hour before the war Editorial messaged me "I know your a spy" And i denied at first then he told me Sullisk The "Co-leader" was a spy and so was Grim Then he told me there was no ryo deal and riley had lied to us. So Editorial Offered me 500 ryo(me being a broke noob that was a lot). i joined his team and then riley had only 1 clan member Kaleb,Oh my the tables have turned Rileys plan has backfired and hit him almost to the exact point. We of course won the war And i stayed in the "Yokai" That was Editorials clan. I joined Battled everyday to become stronger and stronger new loadout after new loadout took about a month or 2 to get better then editorial and sullisk but not Grim as Grim was the strongest of the yokai I had alot of problems with beating him ever our battles would take about 10-20 or even 30 minutes! I kept trying and trying to get better and better. I have lots more to talk about but i might save that for another day thanks!