Vlad Terumi


Vlad was born in Konohagakure, raised by his mother, (Schapira13) and his

father (fogim99) Vlad trained with the 5th Hokage and then joined the

academy. He met many good friends here. He became Genin after all the

other academy students. In his swuad, he was with a Chunin, DragonSage,

who was a Senju clan member. The 2 young men had a Jonin leader in

their squad, NarutoUzumaki5640. He trained them good. Vlad could almost

defeat Dragon, and he was close to his sensei's strength. He aquired

Yoshimimato as his sensei. Yoshimimato taught Vlad a lot. Eventually

the Hokage gave Vlad chunnin exams, Vlad passed and soon went on to

Special Jonin. He then was able to beat his Sensei Naru, and when the

Hokage noticed this, he made Vlad Jonin. The Hokage then retired soon

after Vlad's promotion. Yoshimimato was the new Hokage. Vlad didn't think he was ready, so Vlad left the village. He found Soragakure, and thought over what Soragakure could do for him, so he joined and was immediately pleased. po666 saw an easy pawn in Vlad, and so Vlad trained. Vlad made his way up to Sky Elite within 1 month. Then him and po666 became "close" friends. Vlad then got "promoted" to his own rank of The Hound of Soragakure, the Hound is the main idiot of Soragakure. He soon after, met his long lost brother, issei on his way to Iwagakure.


Vlad is a Kunai user. He is part Uchiha, so he uses Sharingan. He is a speed type. And he uses his kunai skills as an advantage against all opponents. He has Kekkei Genkei, he can use Plasma.




Vlad has many outfits, but he has black hair and tan skin, he always carries kunai and shuriken with him. He always wears a Sky headband on his head. And wears an ANBU mask on his face.