Background Edit

Ruiisu was born on Dec. 31 in the small village of Kusagakure at the age of 7 he completed the Academy, then at the age of 12 he became a Genin in Kusagakure. After 2 years, he departed from Kusagakure and went adventuring learning new Techniques. Then, after 3 months he came to Takigakure and learned Water Style there, he became a Jounin in Takigakure, after 2 years in Taki, he departed but this time he got hunted down by other Taki Jounins, he started going into hiding. After 4 months Taki gave up on the search for him because a new Takikage was put in the position. So he started wondering off to new lands, until he reached Kumogakure where he learned Lighting Style, he became a Special Jounin after defeating 2 ANBU Members. But once again, he departed from Kumogakure but the ninjas sent to get him were less. After that ordeal, he learned Fire Style and Mastered Water Style.

Personality Edit

Sometimes annoying, rages easily. He is mostly a kind shinobi but when you say "Want to Fight?" he turns from a really nice shinobi to a raging Mercinary-Like shinobi.

Apperance Edit

He still wears the standard Kumogakure Flak has Brown spikey hair, green eyes and at some occasions wears a Mask.

Ninja Info Edit

Ruiisu Namikaze

Age: 16

Hometown: Kusagakure

Clan: Namikaze

Village Rank: None (Rogue)