Riaden Uchiha (サスケ雷電, Uchiha Riaden) is a Member of the Uchiha clan and currently a Shinobi of Iwagakure. He became a Shinobi so he could someday find the meaning of a Shinobi,Clan and Village. Initially a Seven ninja Swordsmen, Riaden left to obtain Power from Otogakure. Later becoming the Head of the Sound ninja 5 he defected from Otogakure to join Yukigakure to become Yukikage. as an Elite Gaurd Riaden left Yukigakure since it joined Forces with the Akatsuki. He later joins Iwagakure to gain Knowledge from the Great Hikaru Senju and Tenzo senju.


A Child born in the time of War, Riaden grew in the Mist village, and reached the Rank of Swordsmen.

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