Mizuki Uchiha
Age 15
Classification A-Rank
Affiliation Iwagakure
Team None
Partner Kotetsu Kazimuru
Clan Uchiha
Rank Special Jounin
Academy Grad Age 8

Kekkei Genkai/Kekkei Tota Lava
Nature Types Fire,Earth


Jutsu Katon: Nii Gyokaku No Jutsu

Katon: Gyokaku No Jutsu

Doton: Do No Hitsugi Setsu Lava Style: Rubber Release

Amaterasu Control

Tools Kunai and Shuriken


"Men do not cry for themselves, but for their comrades."--Tsena/Mizuki

"I am an Iwagakure Ninja! You can hurt me, but if you want to attack my comrades or village, you'll have to break every bone in my body!"~Mizuki Uchiha

(He was then beaten, resulting in every bone in his body being broken)

Ninja Info CardEdit

Mizuki Uchiha

Age: 15

Chakra Nature: Fire

Hometown: Kaiko Town

Clan: Uchiha

Village: Iwagakure

Rank: Special Jonin

Team: None


Mizuki, a loyal member of Iwagakure. Always patroling Iwa and was found by 5th Takikage after Kaiko Town was burned to a crisp. He was shortly recruited into Iwa. Nervous at first, Mizuki didn't think Iwagakure was for him but after staying inside of Iwa he learned his ninja way, met comerades and did have hard times but in the end he did become strong and proud. Then while mastering his Katon he developed the Rubber release, he now trains to master his Kekkei Genkai. Mizuki wears a black mask, blue if the black one is dirty from blood. He is serious when it comes to training but laid back when around his friends or comrades or sensei. He wears his Iwa flak or Iwa vest with his Uchiha coat over it due to loving his clan so much it is sometimes zipped and other times unzipped, if he's not wearing it then he's wearing a uchiha crest in the shape of a shuriken. on his back is his swords that he collected in the Uchiha hideout. His eyes are carrot orange and on his chest underneath his clothes is a permanent X-shaped scar from his battle between a konoha kunoichi, he was peeping at her.


Hikaru Senju

Gyu Uchiha