Kibō Kaguya(希望かぐや)

Kibō of the Shikotsumyaku(のきぼう屍骨脈)

Birthdate December 8th
Gender Male
Age 16
Classification Missing-nin
Affiliation Kaguya Clan ● ●
Clan Kaguya Clan ● ●
Rank Jōnin(formerly)
Academy Grad Age 6

Kekkei Genkai/Kekkei Tota 屍骨脈 Shikotsumyaku
Nature Types 土 Earth Release
Jutsu Accelerated Healing Factor

Dance of the Camellia

Dance of the Larch

Dance of the Seedling Fern

Dance of the Willow

Earth Release: Earth Coffin

Earth Release: Moving Earth Core

Earth Release: Shifting Earth Technique

Earth Release: Earth Clone

Earth Release: Mud Wall

Earth Release: Mud Spore

Earth Release: Mud Encasement

Earth Release: Earth Suspension

Shikotsumyaku: Impaling Skeletal Upheaval

Shikotsumyaku: Blossoming Corpse Boneyard

Shikotsumyaku: Ribcage Imprisonment

Shikotsumyaku: Skeletal Barrier

Shikotsumyaku: Corpse Bone Puppeteer Technique

Shikotsumyaku Secret Technique: Sage Art: Unholy Skeletal Corpse Assimilation

Shikotsumyaku: Sage Art: Dance of the Dead Corpse Pulse Festival

Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets

Scattered Piercing Bullets

Dead Bone Self-Fusion

Tools Bones



Kibō Kaguya (希望かぐや, Kaguya Kibō) is a member of Kaguya Clan (かぐや一族, Kaguya Ichizoku) and a mercenary shinobi from the Land of Fire.


Kibō was born into the Kaguya Clan in the Land of Fire within the outskirts of Konohagakure. During his childhood, Kibō was subjected to tremendous amounts of training. Being one of the few members of his clan to possess the clan kekkei genkai; the Shikotsumyaku. Kibō was trained to serve his clan as a high-paid mercenary and to feed the barbaric, violent-tempered tendecies of the clan itself. However, he did not feel the same as most of his relatives. Kibō served as a highly-skilled mercenary under his clan's orders, but never truely felt the need to do so; except to support his mother. Kibō's mother was the only person that saw him for something other than a weapon. He fought as hard as he could in order to continue supporting her. Kibō didn't have the savage-natured values that so many of his clan had, nor did his mother. During an assignment in the Land of Water, Kibō was tasked with infiltrating the village of Kirigakure. He was to spend nearly a year entering the ranks and gathering intel from the village. He made it so far as to be entered in the exams for the Seven Swordsmen. During the exam, in a frantic push for survival, Kibō revealed his kekkei genkai. At the time, the Kaguya Clan and Kirigakure were on warring terms and kekkei genkai shinobi were discriminated heavily. Due to his failure, the patriarch of the Kaguya Clan ordered punishment on not only Kibō himself, but on his mother. His mother was subjected to death, and impaled in front of him as punishment. In a fit of rage, Kibō massacred the clan patriarch and his associates, bringing an abrupt stop in clan activities. The death of his mother left Kibō cold and detached, yet he still held the drive she had. After killing the higher-ups of the clan, the Kaguya Clan entered a shift of values; abandoning their uncanny and violent tedencies. Upon losing his mother and becoming a feared member of his clan, Kibō defected from his homeland. He continued his work as a mercenary, gaining the title "Kibō of the Shikotsumyaku(のきぼう屍骨脈)." He was eventually recruited into the small nation of Otogakure, and is currently serving under it's ranks.


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