Mu using Jinton

Dust Release

The user uses Dust Release to create a structure, with a sphere located at its centre, between the palms of their hands. The structure expands rapidly in size when being propelled towards its intended target and traps them inside its confines. The sphere then seems to explode with a tremendous amount of force, while the exterior walls of the structure effectively restrict the size of the blast radius, resulting in the destruction of everything and anyone caught within as they are pulverised into minute particles of dust. The technique isn't limited to just affecting physical matter; it can also affect chakra-based defences, such as the Susanoo.

The Third Tsuchikage, Hikaru Senju, is capable of producing this technique externally, creating cubical variants of the technique where ever he directs it, without the use of gathering chakra between his hands. He is also capable of minimalizing the damaging effect of the technique in order to only somewhat injure the target, instead of completely pulverising them.


  • Hikaru Senju is the only known user of this technique and has advanced it beyond that of the capability past Dust Release users have had.